3 Types of Fire Damage Restoration Companies You Must Avoid

There are so many fire damage restoration companies these days. It is easy to understand why. Home accidents are on the increase. The same can be said about factory mishaps. The companies are simply there to help. But they are also there to make money. It therefore should not come as a surprise that there are some companies that wish to make money the wrong way – using shortcuts. Avoiding such companies is often a challenge given that most of their victims are new homeowners. But one can still identify them and keep off. The companies fall in the following categories.


Companies are like humans. They lie. They are after all, run by humans. Some claim to have been in business for ages. They claim to be experienced. But they are not. Check the number of reviews the company you wish to hire has received. Then compare it with the years it claims to have been in existence. The numbers should speak for themselves. Numbers as you will find out, never lie.

The ‘don’t cares’

They are everywhere. They can promise clients the moon and land them right in the middle of the sun. They simply do not care what their clients have to say after they are done with them. They make no follow up calls or send emails to check on how a client they serve is doing.

The ‘one man show’ company

This is common. A company claims to be run by a team of personnel yet there always seems to be one person managing the affairs of the company – from phone calls, to appointments and answering emails. Keep off that company. It is a scam.

To hire a reliable fire damage restoration company, contact these guys. They know how to get the job done fast and affordable.

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